Leadership Goals

Primary Goals for Being Trained on Leadership Development Skills

Identify up to 3 primary areas you want to focus on during Leadership Development Skills Training. The goals should be challenging (so you remain committed) and achievable (realistic). To help you, try answering the question:

“How specifically would you like YOU, or PEOPLE, or PERFORMANCE, to be different after training?”

For each focus area, write a simple heading, and do your best to describe “measurable” results. That is, how you will know you have succeeded or are on track. For example:


  1. YOU:

 Be influential in the organisation.

  1. PEOPLE:

 Produce change and movement.


 Accommodate cultural diversity.

 I’ll know I  have succeeded when:



 I am who I want to be in leadership.

 I provide direction for management team.

 Team is committed, motivated, and inspired to perform better.

 Accountability is clearly articulated.

 Organisational culture that is responsive to market changes is created.

 Transformational team-building environment is created.

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