We are a BBBEE Level 1 Contributor according to Veridex, accredited by Services SETA, Programme Approved by SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), as well as Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) as Training Provider.


CORE VALUES:  PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY, PASSION and DELIVERYwith strong emphasis on what the learner should know and do



We offer the following Learning and Development Programmes, and Short Courses: -

  1. Leadership Skills Development Programme: NQF Level 6
  • Module One: How to direct and lead people in the organisation (ID: 120300)
  • Module Two: How to conduct a Disciplinary Hearing (ID: 10985)
  1. Supervision Skills Development Programme: NQF Level 5
  • Module One: How to supervise and manage people at work (ID: 14667)
  • Module Two: How to write a workplace specific Report (ID: 115790)
  1. Skills Programme: Occupational Health and Safety Activities for: Part Time  / Workplace Representatives and Shop Stewards in the Mining and Minerals Sector (MQA/SP/0120/10): NQF Level 2
  • Module One:   Explain Basic Health and Safety Principles in and around the Workplace (ID: 259639)
  • Module Two:  Conduct Continuous Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment within a  Workplace (ID: 244383)
  • Module Three: Describe the Functions of the Workplace Health and Safety Representative (ID: 259622)
  1. Personal Accountability Development Programme: NQF Level 4
  • Module One: Know Your Company (ID: 14342)
  • Module Two: How to Motivate and Build a Team (ID: 242819)
  1.  Short Courses:
  • Statutory and Legal Compliance:  Health and Safety Legislation (ID: 120344): NQF Level 4
  • Basic Safety (Induction) Training (ID: 259639): NQF Level 2



Phungwayo People Development Resource was borne out of learning and experience, and is growing from deep passion to train and develop people.  We have discovered through a Supply Chain Network Company that our competitors improve their efforts on the standards that we set, and continue to follow on our foot paths. 



We have been recognised a lot since 2002.  Our record of excellence in the past three years includes the following:

  • Award Winner: ubank Best Established SMME Award Winner, South Africa’s Premier Black Business Awards, hosted by Motlekar HoldingsBBQ Awards 2014 at Emperor’s Palace on 31 October 2014
  • First Runner Up: Opel Astra New and Innovative Business Award, First Runner-Up, South Africa’s Premier Black Business Awards, hosted by Motlekar HoldingsBBQ Awards 2014 at Emperor’s Palace on 31 October 2014
  • Second Runner Up:  Best Training Programme: Small Company (Second Runner Up), hosted by Achiever Magazine (Cape Media Corporation) and sponsored by BHP Billiton at the Centre for Science and Industrial Research (CSIR) International Conference Centre (ICC), on 07 August 2013
  • Certificate for Independent Small Business Education, Training and Development by West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism on 07 March 2012.


In the book, “Wisdom from Mentors” edited by Marius Meyer, Knowres Publishing 2011, Donald Mafomane (Executive Member) is quoted as saying, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got, but, if you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done before”.  Vision without action is a day-dream; and action without vision is a night-mare.  To realise your vision, you may invite Phungwayo People Development Resource to be your business partner in your journey to the skills development summit, thereby ensuring that your road to success is not paved with obstacles.