Phungwayo People Development Resource is a Training Service Provider assessed and registered against the provisions of ISO 9001:2015 International Standard by Globalgroup, South Africa (Pty) Ltd, and accredited by Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) (Accreditation No: 16/MQA/0778/AC4/160318).  


Vision:  To be a nationally and internationally acclaimed professional Training Service Provider

Mission: To provide good quality training and consulting services to our clients.

Values:  Professional Conduct, Good Quality, Passion and Commitment, with strong emphasis on what the client should know and do



We provide the following training and consulting services:

  • Legal Liability Training (Mine Health and Safety Act and/or Occupational Health and Safety Act)
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Skills Training: Z-Approach
  • Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner: Part Qualification 1: Occupational Health and Safety Representative
  • Incident / Accident Investigations Training
  • Management and Leadership Skills Training
  • Supervisory and Management Skills Training                                              


Through our strategic planning and continual improvement processes, we have acquired expertise that increases our opportunity to offer more value added services to Clients.  We have introduced SHEQ Management Systems Solutions Division, which includes: -

  • Management Systems Consulting
  • Management Systems Auditing
  • Management Systems Training


The Division focuses on ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS); ISO 14001 Environment Management System (EMS); Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001), (ISO 45001 Soon); and ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).  We also assist our Clients with transition to the new ISO 2015 standards.



The main purpose for Legal Liability Training (MHSA/OHSA) is to sensitise all legal appointees to the need for compliance with the current Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, and the consequences of non-compliance, as well as to enable them to apply the legal principles effectively within their organisations.

“NUMSA has reiterated calls by the South African Federation of Trade Unions for the Mine Health and Safety Act to be amended to allow for the prosecution of mine bosses if workers are killed underground” City Press, Thursday 26 July 2018, 12:59 PM. 

The above statement has far-reaching effects, even to the other sectors of economy where the Occupational Health and Safety Act is in full force and effect.  Knowledge and understanding of the current occupational health and safety legislation is critical, and being able to interpret the law correctly may tell the difference between COMPLIANCE and NEGLIGENCE. 



Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Skills Training: Z- Approach is a product of empirical research at Gold Fields – South Africa, South Deep Gold Mine.  

This training is useful for persons who are required to conduct continuous hazard identification and risk assessment within their working place to ensure a healthy and safe environment to work in.

Martin Preece (Executive Vice President: Gold Fields, South Africa), said, “90% of the accidents that have occurred are behaviour related.  Change Behavior to pro-actively prevent hazards from becoming Incidents” 06 December 2017



Part Qualification 1:  Occupational Health and Safety Representative

This Qualification is made up of the following modules:

Module 1:  Fundamentals of Health and Safety Representative

The main focus of the learning in this module is to build an understanding of the key quality and safety issues that impact on the productivity of employees.  The learning includes the key issues relevant to the procedural and legal aspects required to monitor work progress and the use of equipment and instruments.

Module 2:  Fundamentals of Communication

The main focus of the learning in this module is to build an understanding of the theory that underpins the effective application of basic communication skills with specific relevance to the occupational health and safety environment.



This training enables the learners to demonstrate ability to conduct investigations into workplace incidents.  The competency includes all the activities required to successfully conduct incident investigations



This training is useful to learners who are working within the Public Sector, Local Government, Commercial or Community Environment.  It enables learners to gain insight into the role of leadership within a work context, and thus provides them with the skills and knowledge to add value to their job. This training will also provide value to public officials who are involved in integrated development planning or public sector management and administration specialists.



This training provides background necessary for the learner to understand and apply the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and control in an organisation.  Through the principles of communication and motivation, this training empowers team leaders (including supervisors, foremen and section heads) to proactively address performance and communication challenges facing both the employees and management in the workplace



We have been in the business of training since 2002 and our record of excellence includes the following achievements:

  • Winner:  Business Achievers Award: West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism (WRCBT): November 2017.
  • Finalist:  Entrepreneur of the year 2016: South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI):19 October 2016
  • Finalist:  Independent Entrepreneur: Small Business: Education, Training and Development: West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism (WRCBT) - 21 September 2016.
  • Winner: Ubank Best Established SMME:  Motlekar Holdings, Black Business Quarterly Awards 2014 at Emperor’s Palace - 31 October 2014
  • Second Runner-Up:   Best Training Programme: Small Company:  Achiever Magazine (Cape Media Corporation) and BHP Billiton at the Centre for Science and Industrial Research (CSIR) International Conference Centre (ICC) - 07 August 2013
  • Finalist:  Business Achievers Award: West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism (WRCBT): 23 May 2013.
  • Winner:  Certificate for Independent Small Business Education, Training and Development: West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism (WRCBT) - 07 March 2012.


Engage Phungwayo People Development Resource as your professional Training Service Provider to ensure that your road to success is always paved with EXCELLENCE, and discover why we win the Awards.