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The Purpose of Personal Accountability Development Programme:
Module One:            To focus the attention of lower level employees to starting their own small business, and drawing similarities between the small business and their own company, as well as the skills, values and attitudes required of them to improve productivity levels and time management efforts for the benefit of the company, employees themselves as well as the stakeholders.
In short, the training enables each employee to realise how his / her own individual efforts contribute to the company’s performance and consequently, its success or failure, and take responsibility for his / her own actions.
Module Two:           In most cases, Team Leaders, like ham in the sandwich, are squeezed between production pressure from the upper jaws of management, and safety pressure from the lower jaws of employees.  To withstand these pressures, they are equipped with skills necessary to enable them to deal proactively and efficiently with the performance, as well as communication challenges facing those who find themselves in the middle.
In short, if you fail to take responsibility as the leader, you stand accused of being accountable and party to the followers, but if you take responsibility accordingly, you accept Personal Accountability and act as exemplary to your followers.
 Motivating and Building a Team
1 day
(Certificate of Attendance)
 Know Your Company
3 days
(Certificate of Attendance)
For more information, please contact Donald Mafomane at donald@phungwayo.co.za