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This training is intended to promote clear and unambiguous communication. It requires learners to follow a process in writing workplace specific reports. The ability to write plain language will improve the quality of business correspondence and other texts that are specific to a workplace environment. The achievement of this training enables learners to recognise and use effectively textual conventions and features specific to business reports including those that require a particular format and / or specified legislated requirements. They carefully scrutinise their own and others' writing for accuracy, appropriateness and impact on different audiences and contexts. They edit and change where appropriate.
The classroom component of the training is two days, and the workplace component is three days.
SAQA Registered Unit Standard Title:      Write and present for a wide range of purposes, audiences and contexts (I.D. 115790)


 Specific Outcomes
Framework (NQF)


 Training Provider:




(Submission of Portfolio of Evidence)


Use writing skills for specific purposes, audiences and contexts.
Access, process, re-organise, and synthesise information in order to present it.
 NQF Level 05, 5 Credits
 Day 1
Use appropriate language conventions, textual features and style for specific workplace purposes.
Draft and edit reports.
 Training and Assessment
       Day 2
Total Credit Value
 5 Credits
2 days
3 days
5 days
Learners receive comprehensive reference materials in the form of Learner Study Guide and Learner Work Book (Evidence Guide) as resources.
For more information, please contact Donald Mafomane at donald@phungwayo.co.za