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This training introduces the junior manager / supervisor to the concept of motivation.
In addition to technical skills, experience and qualifications, the training enables the learner, to:
Understand self, in relation to others in the group
 Inspire self, and build self-confidence
 Understand others in relation to the group.
 Identify with the group, and inspire others to build the team for the benefit of all the stakeholders
SAQA Registered Unit Standard Title:      Motivate and Build a Team (I.D. 242819)
 Specific Outcomes
Framework (NQF)
Training Provider:
(Submission of Portfolio of Evidence)
 1. Explain the importance of motivating a team
 2. Demonstrate an understanding of self and team members in a workplace
 3. Apply theories of motivation and group dynamics
NQF Level 04, 10 Credits
 4. Implement a plan of action to strengthen a team
5. Provide feedback and recognise achievements
Total Credit Value
10 Credits
1 day
 9 days
 10 days
Learners receive comprehensive reference materials in the form of Learner Study Guide and Learner Work Book (Evidence Guide) as resources.
For further information, please contact Donald Mafomane at donald@phungwayo.co.za